The anikythera
Updated: 2/18/2020
The anikythera
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  • Lets go discover this wrecked ship.I wonder what we can find in 1901.
  • alright lets go
  • I don't think there's anything.we were digging with a shovel for 45 meters
  • no,wait I think I see something!
  • OMG!Let's go home to figure it out .And we should change in clean clothes .Lets go!
  • After hours of examinating. This is the first mechanical computer consisting of a box with dials on the outside and a very complex assembly of gearwheels mounted within. It’s about as complex as an 18th-century top-notch clock. Nothing like this exists or is Based on the knowledge we do have, this mechanism shouldn’t even exist. I think that this mechanism as being more valuable than the Mona Lisa! It's named after where you found it.You found it in greek in the Anikythera island
  • Look what I found!But what is this?I never seen anything like this
  • I think we should name it after the ocean the we went to so it should be called Anikythera
  • what do you think we should name this
  • yeah,I agree
  • since we are not archaeologists maybe we should go and show it to a real archaeologist because we don't know what this is
  • OMG!Thank you
  • can u please check what this is ?
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