Battle of Fort Sumter
Updated: 3/31/2020
Battle of Fort Sumter
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First battle in the Civil War

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  • Sir, is that the confederate army advancing towards us?
  • We can't surrender. But the supplies only last until the middle of April. Our troops need the food.
  • A U.S. arsenal
  • The date was April,16 1861. The Confederacy has taken control of Fort Sumter in South Carolina.
  • When President Lincoln heard of this he refused to surrender the fort. He ordered men to go down to the fort to give the troops in the fort to give them supplies that they needed.
  • The Union means you no harm, we simply want to tend to our own.
  • The Confederate army were angered because Lincoln refused to surrender. So they decided to shoot at the fort. Fortunately, no one dies in this battle.
  • The Confederate Army seized the U.S. forts, arsenals, and other public property within the borders.
  • Pres. Lincoln wanted to send his troops supplies with out starting a fight with the south. So he wrote to South Carolina telling them that he was going to send provisions to his troop and not reinforcements.
  • The Union Navel force headed to Fort Sumter. The Confederate Army saw this as an attack and started bombarding the Fort. Ultimately winning the first battle of the Civil War.
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