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Updated: 9/19/2018
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  • Hephaestus my son I need you to make a mortal women beautiful enough to be a blessing, but evil enough to be a punishment for mankind
  • I will make a mortal with the face of a goddess
  • She looks like a goddess but have to voice and strenght of mortals
  • I will give her this jar of sorrow and sickness before she leaves. If she opens the jar it will be a warning to both gods and mortals not to challenge my authority
  • We shall call her pandora! so many of us have given her gifts
  • Give her to Epimetheus
  • Zeus asked his to make a mortal. Zeus was planning on using her as a punishment for mankind
  • A gift from Zeus
  • Right this way 
  • Hephacstus did as his father asked.
  • You may kiss the bride
  • The gods and goddesses gave the mortal women gifts as they admired her beauty. The gods named her Pandora because of all the gifts she had. Before she was sent to earth Zeus gave her the jar.
  • Zeus gave me this jar but whats in it?
  • When they sent her to Hpimetheus he remembered his brother told him not to take anything from the gods. Hpimetheus ignored him because he thought someone as beautiful as Pandora could bring anything but delight.
  • Hpimetheus thought Pandora was as pretty he married her the next day. That same night she remembered the jar.
  • She broke the seal from the great jar than it's contents flew out into the air, scattering everywhere. Zeus filled the jar to the brim with evils for man, thousands of sorrow and sickness that now hovered, some attacked by day, and the others to steal in by night. Only one spirit remained behind. Hope had become caught under the rim, and could not fly away before Pandora resealed the lid.
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