Updated: 8/23/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Raja, please give me the ePROs. I need to verify them for entry in the eCRFOk Zoya, ill get them
  • here, these are updated until the latest patient' visit.
  • Ehm...these are just 5. Please also get the 6th patient's ePRO.
  • So, about that, I was going to tell you..Last visit, the patient had come but after completing the ePRO, they took it with them by mistake. I told them to come and return it, but they are saying they can't find it and it's probably lost or stolen. They took it last week. What to do now???
  • You should have informed me earlier! We don't know what they did with it, who would have access to data in it, and most important, we don't have any contracts signed with anyone else for data security apart from PI!
  • So what do we do now??
  • Let me check what's the procedure at sponsor's end.
  • For now, you notify to your EC.At my end, I will have to escalate this issue to the privacy officer. Will get back to you once this is discussed internally.