MATHS Art integrated project
Updated: 1/8/2021
MATHS Art integrated project

Storyboard Text

  • Nothing much dad, I was just figuring out the height of the chimney using trigonometry.
  • Son, why are you simply staring at the chimney for so long ?
  • Yeah sure !
  • Wow! Can you please explain me how are you doing it.
  • Dad it's simple, I already measured the angle of which I see the top of the chimney using a clinometer and measured the distance between the chimney and me.
  •, how are you gonna find the height with these measurements ?
  • We'll have to use the trigonometric table, through which I will substitute the value of angle and the correct trigonometric ratios
  • ok, so can you say what is the height of the chimney using trigonometric ratios?
  • The angle at which I see the top of the chimney is 60°, and the distance between me and the building is 30m. so here we will use Tan as, tanA=O/A. so, tan 60=√3, then ,√3=O/30=O=30√3=10√3m. Therefore the height of the chimney is 10√3m
  • Thanks Dad!
  • Wow! Impressive son, come let's go home now. Your mom might have made some delicious food by now
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