Updated: 1/12/2021

Storyboard Description

by Angieta Caesarningrum

Storyboard Text

  • Ah, I'm so hungry, why there is no food today
  • It's crow, with a fish! The fish must be mine.
  • G-good
  • "Hi crow, how was your day, today?",
  • I'm not sure that my voice is beautiful, tiger.
  • "Ah, calm down, I will not eat you.
  • How can I eat a bird as beautiful as you, see, your feathers are so shiny, and I feel sure your voice will also be very beautifull that of other birds
  • One day,when the sun was hot the tiger was looking for food but couldn’t find any prey,until he saw a crow flying with fish in its beak. 
  • Okay, i'll try
  • come on sing one song for me!
  • Then the next day the tiger waited for the crow by the river. The crow stuttered for fear of being eaten by the tiger
  • LA LA LA LA~~
  • In river..
  • I will give you an advice to replace your fish,crow. Never believe in flatterers
  • Tiger asked crow to sing a song for him, and crow agreed
  • Then the crow sang and opened its beak wide so that the fish in its beak fell. The tiger quickly took the fish and ran.
  • The crow who realized it tried to chase the tiger but he was too slow to chase the Tiger.
  • MY FISHH!!
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