The Story of the Buddha
Updated: 1/10/2020
The Story of the Buddha
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  • Or
  • Prince Siddhartha was prophesied to either become a great ruler or religious leader. Not wanting the 2nd option, the king kept him in a palace, raising him in isolation from the outside.
  • He began visiting the outside, seeing and learning about things like suffering. He many saw unhappy people and wanted to find a way to end suffering.
  • Karma + Darma
  • Eightfold Path
  • 4 Noble Truths
  • Siddhartha decided to leave his royal life behind and live an ascetic life, however during this time, he decides to follow the Middle Way, a balanced way of life.
  • Siddhartha sat under a Bodhi tree and meditated for many days, until finally he obtained Nirvana, a state of enlightenment, and became the Buddha.
  • Buddha decided shared his knowledge to the world, creating Buddhism. He told about karma and dharma what determined reincarnated lives, the 4 Noble Truths a way to end the cycle of suffering, and the Eightfold Path to make one's life happy and fulfilled.
  • From India, Buddhism spread to China, Japan, Korea, and parts of Southeast Asia through merchants, monks, and missionaries, connecting many people.
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