Unknown Story
Updated: 2/2/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, I am Jeff. I have been here for millions of years now.
  • Hello this is me Jack. I am Jeff’s brother.
  • I am just a little sedimentary rock 🪨 near the river. I really like the view from here. So you might be wondering how I became a sedimentary rock. Well it is a long story so let’s see how all this happened.
  • So let’s start with how I was born. Sound good. Ok so It took millions of years because the weather had to do a lot of work more specifically the rain 🌧. So when it rained the mountain was getting smaller because the mountain was helping create sediment.
  • So some of the mountain was getting cut and creating the dust which is also know as sediment. The sediment then had to compact and cement itself and creat me meaning sediment rock. It’s not just me it was also my family you see some of the rocks on the other side. Yeah they are my brothers.
  • Ok so now you see why it took so long. Well this is not the end because now I turned into something else. In the picture above you see all those rocks. Yeah they are the rocks I turned into also know as metamorphic rock.
  • Ok so what really happened is that one day I was just chilling and suddenly the ground under me was shaking. Then slowly I went underground because of plate motion. Then I kept going and suddenly it got as hot as the surface of the sun.
  • You are right I was exposed to the energy from the earths interior. Which was hot enough to melt me and because it was so hot I was turning into metamorphic rock which was the rock that could survive so deep underground. Then years later I was getting uplifted and I could see the sun when someone decided to take me out and use me to create buildings.