Cell Comic Strip

Updated: 9/8/2021
Cell Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Twinsy
  • You have ribosome I have them too.
  • Lets be friends since we both have the same thing in common
  • Sure why not
  • Who are you
  • Yeah you look very different
  • Hi I am a Plant Cell what are you guys
  • We are animal cells and we have organells like mitochondria, Nucleus, Ribosome and so much more
  • Yeah and what do you have
  • Well I have more organells than you like a cell wall and chloroplast
  • Wow thats so cool!
  • I wish I had more organells
  • Well certain cells need certain amount of organels that we don't know about
  • I know we just met but can we be friends
  • Yeah can we be friends
  • Sure we maybe different cells but we are still cells