Faintly Macabre's Story
Updated: 6/12/2020
Faintly Macabre's Story
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  • Even though I have a small piece of land I am still going to build my kingdom here
  • I am going to conquer this land and everywhere will be called the Kingdom of Wisdom
  • I finally have my Kingdom of Wisdom and my queen and two sons
  • A prince arrives by sea to a land of monsters and demons. They attack the prince to drive him back from where he came from but he ends up with a small piece of land next to the sea.
  • I am an old man. You must build new cities so the 'Kingdom of Wisdom' can grow.
  • The prince decides to build a city here. Settlers arrive in numbers and the city keeps growing and getting bigger, pushing the monsters and demons further away.
  • Oh two abandoned baby girls. I will adopt you and call you Rhyme and Reason.
  • His city becomes a kingdom and he is crowned king, naming his kingdom the Kingdom of Wisdom. The king marries and has two sons.
  • Sons, promise me you'll take care of Rhyme and Reason.
  • As the king's sons grew into men, he sent them beyond the walls of the castle to build new cities in the kingdom. One son goes north and builds Digitopolis while the other goes south and builds Dictionopolis.
  • One day, the old king finds two abandoned girls and take them in as the daughters he never had. He named them Princess of Sweet Rhyme and Princess of Pure Reason.
  • The old king dies and the Kingdom is split between his two sons: King Azaz of Dictionopolis and the Mathemigican, ruler of Digitopolis. The sons are left to care for the young princesses, which they do, but their rivalry between them increases.
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