Updated: 3/16/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Men Arrive
  • Hmm, The home of the Cyclopes. I need 12 of my men to come with me to the cave.
  • Sir we should leave and take his stuff
  • Men Go Into the Cave
  • NO, We will stay in the case we get better things.
  • The Cyclops Notices Them
  • Do you have gifts for us?
  • What are you guys doing in my home!
  • They arrive at the home of the Cyclopes and Odysseus brings 6 of his men with him to explore.
  • The Cyclopes Has A Snack
  • They found supplies like cheese, milk, and goats.
  • Eye Stabbing
  • The Cyclops returns home and notices the men.
  • The escape
  • The cyclops eats 6 of Odysseus' men which angers him.
  • These good men and I-
  • Odysseus crafts a spike and stabs him right in the crater of his eye.
  • Nohdby Tricked ME!
  • Odysseus orders his men to hide in the sheep in order to get out of the Cyclops cave. He makes it on the boat but calls himself out and says his name and home to the cyclopes
  • What is wrong. You must feel bad for my eye.
  • Everyone must hide in these sheep so we can get out of here alive