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Updated: 3/5/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Siddhartha Gotama was born in 563 BCE in a village called Lumbini in India.His father ruled the Shakaya tribe.
  • The boy was taking to a palace where a wise man called Asita came to visit him.He told the parents The boy will be a king of kings.Or a great holly man.
  • The baby was taken to the palace. Asita worried for him and made sure he was always safe.He did not want him to see people suffering.
  • Siddattha got an arranged marriage.
  • At aged 29 Sidattha wanted to explore the outside world.His father ordered all the unhappy sights to be kept away from him.However he saw 4 sights that disturbed him, a sick man a old man and a dead man.Lastly a holy man. He did not like what he saw.
  • Siddattha meditated under the Bhodi tree until he found a way to end unhappiness.He could not think of a way and kept envisioning luxury foods etc.He found it. Siddattha's life is known as the enlightened one. Bhudha that means enlightened one.