Finding Audrey #2
Updated: 1/28/2021
Finding Audrey #2

Storyboard Text

  • A phone? Audrey I don’t know..
  • Mum, I’d like a phone.
  • Well, I’m ready!
  • Sure, when
  • No, let’s meet at Starbucks
  • Tomorrow? Do you want to come round here? 11am?
  • Hi Linus. This is Audrey here. Frank’s sister. I still need to do my documentary and you said you would be interviewed for it. Is that still OK? Could we meet? Thanks, Audrey.
  • Yes. Maybe
  • I should just hide away, I shouldn’t even exist. What’s the point of me anyway?
  • You know. Just do it
  • If you just took off your dark glasses you’d be fine, like, totally back to normal. You should just do that.
  • Are you OK??I’m fine, thank you, sorry I freaked outNo don’t be sorry. What were you thinking?I was thinking, I’m a total failure, I shouldn’t exist, what’s the point of me?Understood. Had to give you this before I go. It’s a kiss
  • I have been so worried about you.
  • Hi Nat. How are you? I’m a lot better.
  • Izzy has prepared a poem
  • .
  • The Lawton’s aren’t interested in me. They’re playing out their little story in which Izzy apologizes and she’s the hero and I’m the bit part. Why am I letting them do it?