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Updated: 10/31/2019
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  • Wabam! Kazam! Why can't I solve this problem?
  • Well mr. banana wizard, why are we at the dump?
  • Where are we?!?!
  • The abyss.
  • WHO ARE YOU!!!
  • I'm sorry mr. alien, I just can't figure out how to convert repeating decimals into fractions!
  • That's weird. It's like we are in a giant..
  • Hmm, should I tell this guy that to convert repeating decimals into fractions you have to let the number be N, then multiply it by 10 so it will be 10N, then subtract N from 10N and take away the repeating part and have 9N, then have 9N divided by 9. for example you have .333... you then let .333... be N, so N=.333... then 10N so that would be 3.333... -N then it would be 3 and then divide that by 9 so you would have 3/9 or 1/3.
  • Naa I'll just wait until he learns it in wizard math school.
  • Oh gee mr. banana wizard, I seem to not know! Now run along now before your dinner gets cold
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