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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/16/2020
Unknown Story
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  • On the way to the hunting trip
  • making his way through the Island
  • the finding of the shooting
  • Dr. Rainsford and his friend were on a hunting trip looking for a mysterious island called Ship Trap Island as the nightd comes along Rainsford hears a gun shot and knocked his pipe off the boat and reached to grab it. He reached over to far and fell in the water. As he was trying to the boat but it was to fast to catch up to. He saw an Island not to to far so he started a steady pace to the shore.
  • General Zaroffs mansion
  • Rainsford made it to shore he started to make his way into the Island knowing there was people becuase from the gun shots.
  • on the run from Genersl Zaroff
  • As Rainsford makes his way the the island trying to track where the gunshots came from he comes along a puddle of blood and a jun shell. He relizes it was a big animal that was killed by a small gun which doesnt understand why the chose a small gun for hunting.
  • the end of General Zaroffs life
  • He keeps going hoping to find civilization and comes across a huge mansion. he knocks on the gate door and a big man named Ivan opens the door and has a gun to Rainsfords head. A few seconds later General Zaroff comes up behind Ivan and greets Rainsford telling him hes a big fan of his hunting and welcomes him in.
  • After a good dinner and a good nights rest General Zaroff shows Rainsford around and tells him some of his hunting stories but tell him that he doesn't hunt animals he hunts humans and wants Rainsford to join him a hunt. Rainsford simply declines telling him thats murder and would never kill someone. General Zaroff doesnt like his answer and tells him hes gonna hunt him instead. He tells Rainsford he has 24 hours to run.
  • After two days of running and hiding he finally goes and sneaks into General Zaroffs masion and makes it to his room . He pulls out his knife and kills Zaroff in his sleep.
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