Unknown Story

Updated: 10/12/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • start
  • egg hatch
  • earth and sky
  • in the beginning, there was an egg that contained all of the yin and yang dark and light, male and female.
  • growing
  • when the egg hatched out came pan gu and he separated yin and yang
  • death
  • pan yu separating yin and yang made the earth and the sky where he stood between making sure they stayed separate
  • humans
  • as the earth and sky grew so did pan gu
  • pan gu after many many years died, his body becoming features on the earth like his arms as mountains, his breath as clouds, one eye became the sun and the other the moon. fleas and ticks which were on him jumped to the earth
  • after many years the tics and fleas evolved into modern-day humans.