States Of Matter Comic
Updated: 2/5/2020
States Of Matter Comic

Storyboard Text

  • This pool is frozen so it is a solid, in a few hours the pool will melt so it will turn back into a liquid
  • So that means heat is being removed because if its a solid and heat is being removed then it will turn into a liquid
  • If you compare a solid to a liquid the particles in a solid is closer and cannot move but the particles in a liquid can still move
  • hey mom why when it gets cold the lake freezes
  • YEA!!!
  • Well, the lake is a liquid so when the particles inside the liquid gets closer it is beginning to turn into a solid.So if you compare a liquid to a solid,liquid particles are more spaced out then solids
  • When hot water is in a bathtub when all of the water is in the bath it normally steams that's because the particles in the water spaces up and it starts to evaporate into gas
  • The particles in a gas is more spaced up so they can moved easier and faster but with a liquid they particles can still move but not as good as a gas.