final project
Updated: 3/16/2021
final project

Storyboard Description

not done just need to save it or not my hard work will be deleted

Storyboard Text

  • Hi I am Martha Christina Tiahahu, I was born in 1800 January 4 in Abubu village .
  • Hi I am captain Paulus.
  • This is my father he is a military captain and since he is captain I was active in military matters, I joined the war led by Patimura.
  • Beginning in 1817, I joined my father, CaptainPaulus Tiahahu in a guerrilla war against the Dutch.
  • yes captain Pattimura.
  • Shhhhh! we need to be quiet.
  • QUIET!
  • Me, my father, and Pattimura werecaptured in October 1817.
  • What do we do now captain Pattimura.
  • I don't know
  • I continued to fight, andwas captured again.I and 39 others were captured inDecember 1817. By a ship, i was taken to Java todo the forced labor in a coffee plantation.
  • Shhhhh! Or I will shoot!
  • While on the boat, I was seriously illbut I refused to take any medicine. My healthbecame worse and I died on 2 January 1818.