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Updated: 2/21/2020
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  • important things about volcanos
  • A volcano is an impressive sight. When they are dormant, they loom large over everything on the landscape. When they are active, they are a destructive force of nature that is without equal, raining fire and ash down on everything in site. And during the long periods when they are not erupting, they can also be rather beneficial to the surrounding environment.
  • There are Three Major Kinds of Volcanoes: ...Volcanoes Erupt Because of Escaping Magma: ...Volcanoes can be Active, Dormant or Extinct: ...Volcanoes can Grow Quickly: ...There are 20 Volcanoes Erupting Right Now: ...Volcanoes are Dangerous: .
  • In 1980 in spokeane washington it was dark at noon as a result of the ash cloud form Mt. St .Helens eruption more than 300 kilometers (186 miles) away.
  • When volcanoes erupt they often spew molten rock and fragments of rock over the ground and into the air
  • closer to the mountain several poeple died from suffocation by the ash cloud from the initial blast
  • In 1815 a different indonesian volcano tambora erupted even more powerfully it blasted about 150 cubic kilometers of volcanic debrais into the atmosphere
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