Science Project Using Trig!
Updated: 1/12/2021
Science Project Using Trig!

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  • Ah yes! I'm finally out of school for the 3 day weekend! WAIT- I forgot all about my science project!
  • Third Experiment :Rolling Ball
  • To find out the height of where I dropped the egg, I calculate Tan (55)*4. The height is about 5.71 feet of the successful drop.
  • I am 4 feet away from the 6th stair and looking up at it at a 50 degree angle.
  • First Experiment Rotor Egg Drop
  • Before I measure how long it takes for the lava to flow down the volcano, I must find the length of the volcano slant.
  • The width of the volcano was 120 inches and the angle formed is 40 degrees. I used cos40=60x to find the hypotenuse equals 46 inches about.
  • Second Experiment Volcano
  • Before I roll the ball down the hill, I must figure out the height of the hill.
  • The hill has a 55 degree angle and a shadow casted by it was 22 feet. I calculated 22*Cos(55) to find the hill's height is 12.62 ft tall.
  • Excellent Job Bryce! A+ for the semester!
  • After the break, Bryce turns in his project to his science teacher.
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