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Updated: 9/9/2020
Into the Wild Storyboard

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  • journal
  • Once Alex camera was ruined he had stopped taking pictures and also stopped keeping a journal. In September he hitched down to U.S highway 101 into California then in early October he arrived to Bullhead Arizona.
  • Alex started to love the city Bullhead and decided to stay a little longer.
  • Bullhead AZ
  • Alex started working at McDonald's and he presented himself as Chris Mccandless.
  • Chris usually didn't take any showers and his coworkers noticed he smelled a little odd. His coworkers ended up telling him if he needed any soap they could give him some.
  • Mccandless ended up going to live in a trailer with charlie a friend he met. He ended up leaving because he couldn't stand him at times.