elaine franklin
Updated: 11/22/2019
elaine franklin

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  • exposition
  • conflict
  • see why u always trying to argue with me
  • why u keep cheating on me
  • rising action
  • brad was a young man that lived in new york with his family brad had 2 kids one girl and one boy with his wife name paige .
  • climax
  • noooo
  • im divorcing u and im taking the kids from you
  • brad and his wife didn't have a good relationship they was always arguing everyday but he was to scared to lose her they had kids together.
  • falling action
  • don't leave me it i'm sorry
  • one day brad was over it he couldn't take it no more so he decied to talk to other people he met up with his ex in the park because he wanted to be with her
  • resolution
  • while brad was in the park one of his friend caught him in the park with anther girl and told his wife. once she found out she divorced him and left him for good because she was tired of it . she was very heart broken.
  • so you cheating me with your ex we are done
  • after brad and his wife divorced paige spreaed the family and she didn't want him to see his kids because of what he did to her
  • brad went on with his life and he got a new girlfriend and he moved to alanta to have peace in life and he still got a chance to see his kids two times a week when he moved back to new york.