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Morgan Starck
Updated: 9/23/2020
Morgan Starck
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Storyboard Text

  • Set the scene
  • Range Rover 
  • I think it is time for a new car.
  • Need Recongnition
  • Range Rover 
  • Information search
  • This is Morgan and her father discussing that her car is unreliable. It is also very expensive to fix everytime it breaks.
  • Evaluation of Alternatives
  • There is an external stimulus of her father telling her that it is time to find a more reliable car for college. Morgan than realized that a new car is a good idea based of of things likehow much she spend on gas a month
  • Purchase
  • She started with internal information in the look for a new car. She liked small SUVs and knows that she need 4-wheel or all-wheel drive for winter. When making an external information search from marketing-controlled information sources. She started going on sites to find all the kinds of SUVs and went to dealerships to just look around. She got information from Nonmarketing-controlled information sources like her dad with his love of fords.She created an evoked set of a few brinds like mazda and ford
  • Postpurchase behavior
  • She then was told how much she can spend and the timeline she had to find the one because her other car would be gone on a certain day. she found the brand she wanted with all the features and bought it from the place she could get it the closets to her budget.
  • This was a very planned purchase and felt complete ownership of the car. She started to feel that ownership the second they found the car with all the features she wanted.
  • M
  • After getting the car and having that ownership feeling she still looked at other cars driving by and think maybe those would have been a better option. But she would look in her car and look at all the things that made her want that car and she is excited all over again. using cognitive dissidents helped remind her that her car is the best car ever.
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