english project
Updated: 2/11/2020
english project

Storyboard Text

  • There's an old video of me and my dad humming on the couch together after I was born.
  • This is my grown up Christmas list
  • My first time on stage was a Christmas show for my church where I had to pretend to be asleep. I was scared I would actually fall asleep!
  • Oh my god wait I actually like these people
  • Now I perform in front of people all the time with my band!
  • In elementary school, I sang at my school's talent show. I was so scared that I started crying the day before the show!
  • When I moved to North Carolina, I felt incapacitated. I didn't really have friends and music was my only comfort.
  • I became very docile and didn't leave my room much
  • Once I joined show choir, things started to look up for me.
  • One day I hope to sing and emulate my favorite artists