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storyboard project
Updated: 8/28/2020
storyboard project
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  • The Old Order
  • I want put a Old order
  • Let me see your thinks and say me what do you want
  • Louis XVI
  • I was a importantlast king of France before the fall of the monarchy during the French Revolution.
  • Executions of the monarchs,
  • we don´t the traitors
  • A conservative late 19th century Christian movement among the Amish and other Anabaptist groups
  • reign of terror
  • 1793) was the last king of France before the fall of the monarchy during the French Revolution.
  • Rise of Napoleon
  • I don´t find a horse
  • To commit regicide is to purposefully kill a monarch or sovereign of a polity and is often associated with the usurpation of power. A regicide can also be the person responsible for the killing.
  • The End of Napoleon
  • a period of remorseless repression or bloodshed, in particular Reign of Terror the period of the Terror during the French Revolution.
  • You go to die becuase you disobeyed the orders
  • Born on the island of Corsica, Napoleon rapidly rose through the ranks of the military during the French Revolution (1789-1799). After seizing political power in France in a 1799 coup d'état, he crowned himself emperor in 1804.
  • I am the emperor!
  • The Napoleonic Wars were a series of major conflicts pitting the French Empire and its allies, led by Napoleon I, against a fluctuating array of European powers formed into various coalitions, financed and led by the United Kingdom. It produced a brief period of French domination over most of Europe
  • My final is here, I can´t stop it.
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