soical immigration
Updated: 2/23/2021
soical immigration

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  • Health factors should be the most influential factor to immigration our current day we are facing a massive pandemic which was brought in from other countries and the variations as well that could have been brought in by refugees and immigrants as well as travellers
  • In an attempt to fix it Canada stopped travel and slowed the acceptance of immigrants also downgrading our other factors which are political, economic, security.
  • as of this time Canada will be going into lockdown and our immigration acceptance will be slowing
  • Once covid took over our economic factors it moved on too...
  • Covid-19 shut down many places of work and got tons of people laid off. This downgraded our economy, also meaning our country is at the risk of going bankrupt and having a hard to live in country as we can already see it in Alberta.
  • and moved on too securitythen proceeded to move onto our
  • COVID-19 also showed that our security is not the greatest due to the fact that the pandemic took full effect before our security ever actual did it anything to stop it and COVID-19 weakened these defences causing the new variations to enter Canada
  • political system
  • COVID-19 affected our political factors by mail-in votes now and that the past president of the untied states called them all fraud. With this health factor it's called for many poor decisions by our political system causing the fall of everything else around us today.
  • The way health factors affects Immigration can cause both benefits and challengesThe challenges of health factor toward immigration is; if you want to move to Canada for the health benefits you more than likely couldn't and of course another issue is our pandemicBenefits to this factor is: the safety of many Canadians, allows our health care to not be overused and keeps Canada running smoothly without a pandemic normally
  • Sir I am sorry due to the current Health factors in Canada, Your immigration request has been denied