"Academic Dishonesty" skit

Updated: 10/13/2021
"Academic Dishonesty" skit

Storyboard Text

  • Academic Dishonesty skit
  • Your ILA teacher assigns your class 10 questions to answer individually before class tomorrow. Tommy and Chuckie decided to each do 5 questions and then swap answers that evening after they finish.
  • When Mary knew, she took the time to do the work herself.
  • What did you get for #1?
  • I got simile
  • Mary could not believe they were cheating, she did all the work on herself, and studied for the test.
  • Mary was so frustrated that she worked by herself,, but the boys worked together. T
  • 1. Would you consider this cheating? Why or why not?Yes it's cheating, because the teacher said it was individually, this impacts about your thinking, what you know.
  • 2. Who is cheating in your scenario?Tommy and Chuckie
  • Scenario Questions
  • I would talk to my teacher in private, because if Tommy and Chuckie knew, I would be in trouble.
  • 3. How did they cheat? Explain?Tommy and Chuckie, didn't dot the assignment by themselves.
  • Scenario Questions