Parker Martin- John Cabot Explorer
Updated: 1/24/2020
Parker Martin- John Cabot Explorer
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  • I'm glad that went well! I finally get to sail for my country, England!
  • Okay we are almost ready to begin my.. err, I mean our expedition
  • Oh, I got multiple great new things! I got a compass to help us know what direction we are going, I also got an astrolabe to find latitude, and I got a caravel, a new boat I found at the shop for faster travel. Yup this boat is going to help us a lot!
  • By the way what did you buy at the shop for our expedition?
  • It's a good day in England for John Cabot. He just got permission from The Ruler Of England to set sail to find the "Northwest Passage" through the continent of North America.
  • OH NO! I better steer the ship away, I was told about the dangers of these sea monsters. like this one: the one that shoots water from a hole in it's forehead.
  • Cabot can't wait to get started. The sooner he goes, the sooner he gets back to be respected. He is mainly sailing for the glory that comes from dong something dangerous, he probably will end up exaggerating his tales just for more glory.
  • Oh man, TURN THE SHIP! It's a floating mountain! Another one of the dangers I was warned about. I just hope we don't encounter anything else dangerous like a storm that could sink our ship.
  • Cabot starts finishing up preparing for his journey...
  • Then I sailed past eastern Canada after all the monsters I defeated and saved everyone on my ship, Then I sailed safely back home!
  • I do it all for queen and country!
  • Wow, people gotta here this!
  • They then set sail and found what they hoped not too.
  • A little bit later he encountered another thing he was warned about.
  • A long while later he returned home to tell his tales, although he did exaggerate a bit.
  • Or, for the glory
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