Madison Daigle-flour industry
Updated: 4/23/2020
Madison Daigle-flour industry

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  • Charles Pillsbury came to Minnesota and wanted to invest in a failing flour mill hoping to turn it around, and he did. He was raised in New Hampshire so he knew a lot about industry already.
  • Before Charles invested in the mill it was not doing well and it was really small, but after Charles it went up and become much bigger. The mill was in Minneapolis.
  • They had bad things going into the bread so they spent some of their money to get a new machine that’s made all the bad stuff come out. As the mill grew they kept getting new machines to make the work easier.
  • They relied on their workers. Each person worked on what their skills are best at. The people that work at the machines get paid the most because it uses the most skills. People that swept the floors and cleaned got the less money because for that you don’t need a lot of skill.
  • After they got the machine to get all the germ out of the bread they become the most selling flour mill in Minnesota. They also got some other machines that’s helped transporting the flour places.
  • They make the flour by a machine powered by creaks and rivers, that’s way most of the mills were by creaks and rivers. Most people used the flour for baking but others used it for other things.
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