The Broken Blade Madison Daigle hour 5
Updated: 3/2/2020
The Broken Blade Madison Daigle hour 5

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre is going Grand Portage and he is being a voyageur for his dad because his dad was cutting wood and he cut his thumb so he can't be a voyageur. Pierre is leaving his family, friends, school and home. He did this to support his family.
  • Pierre was scared he would die being a voyageur after they visited St. Annes. Pierre gets along with some of his brigade, but some people like Beloit play tricks on him and are not nice. Pierre's hands are really blistered from paddling but La Londe gave him some deer skin that helps the blisters when paddling. His muscles are really sore from the paddling and from carrying the 200 pound pack.
  • 'They were running the rapids and La Londe's canoe got stuck on a rock so he got off the canoe and tried to move it so McKay's canoe wouldn't hit it. After he got it unstuck the big tides made him fall of the rock and they could not find him. That night they all took time to remember him.
  • When they were crossing Lake Superior it started raining really hard. Then when they were paddling water started coming in the canoe because there were really big waves coming. Because it wasn't safe anymore they decided that they needed to go to the island until the rain stops and the waves go down.
  • When they were in their canoe and could see Grand Portage, Pierre was surprised how simple the rude stock was because Grand Portage was known better in the banking houses in the Northwest Territory. His father's description of the fort made it seem like a castle but it was nothing like a castle. It had sticks sticking out of the ground with wigwams around them instead.
  • I think Pierre will continue being a voyageur because when he came home he was finally getting the hang of being a voyageur. He was so happy to see his dad and he was glad to hear that when his thumb was healing he wasn't in a lot of pain.