the included
Updated: 2/24/2021
the included

Storyboard Text

  • Lena, her mom and their two pets in the kitchen. Lena and her mom is having a conversation before she gets dress for work
  • i picked up a double shift see you in the morning time text me if you need anything - mom
  • Lena never really never had any friends and she felt like an outsider
  • Lena got up and got dress for school then headed to the kitchen
  • umm i never really talked to you guys before but umm sure
  • So, we were wondering if you would like to come sit with the crew for lunch yk
  • Hey you're Lena right ?
  • Lena finds the note that her mother left on the kitchen table for her
  • Lena is at lunch and is about to start eating her food. When she does she notices a group of people staring at her
  • Mariana and Steph walks over to Lena and invites her to have lunch with them