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Updated: 5/12/2020
Superhero Comic

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  • Ok... time to test out my hypnosis bomb.
  • Oh no!
  • Ninja Kyle has plans for a hypnosis time bomb that he will use on the entire city. However, he needs to test it out first, so he decides to do it at a football game. Emily Banner is walking by the game when she overhears his plans and realizes she has to do something before he takes over the whole city.
  • Emily runs back to her house and gets prepared to find Ninja Kyle before he hypnotizes everyone.
  • Emily uses her master hacking skills to find Ninja Kyle's plans and sees where he is going to launch the hypnosis bomb from.
  • Widulk waits for Ninja Kyle to show up at his set launch spot. When he finally gets there, she hides from him, waiting for the perfect moment to steal the bomb from him and deactivate it.
  • Ninja Kyle turns around and sees Widulk. He uses a grappling hook to get to the next building.
  • Widulk uses her long-distance jumping to follow Ninja Kyle to the next building.