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Updated: 9/26/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Marie Curie was born the 7 of november of 1867 in Varsovia, Polonia, and was the smallest of five.
  • Marie went to paris with her sister Bronislawa and finished her studies there.
  • So I will go with my sister to Paris
  • Dad I want to study science
  • You can't here
  • In France she met Pierre and she get married with him, also she get nacionalizated as a french person.
  • Hi, I'm Marie
  • I'm Pierre
  • Together they dedicated their live to science
  • Marie Curie, with the help of Pierre, discovered two new elements from the periodic table: Polonio and Radio. And also discovered radiation, which now a days is used in medicine a lot, and has saved many lives.
  • Althoug she died in 1934 because of her discovery: radiation, Marie is an example of a prodigious woman who contribute science, even when in her times the womans were considered trash and didn't had the same rights as mans.
  • Marie Curie became the first women who won a nobel prime, but not only one. She won two: In 1903 one of physics and in 1911 of quemistry.