Punic Wars
Updated: 11/14/2020
Punic Wars

Storyboard Text

  • How the Punic wars started...
  • We'll just have to conquer Carthage too!
  • Let's expand our empire through trade and conquest!
  • Good thing that the last Etruscan king has been overthrown!
  • Well, Carthage is blocking our access to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Rome has defeated Carthage in the first Punic war: 264-241 BCE
  • I am Scipio the Roman general and WE HAVE GAINED CONTROL OF SICILY!!
  • We're one step closer to an even more awesome empire!
  • Location: waters of Rome
  • Carthage's wrecked ship
  • Hannibal- Carthaginian general
  • We should also be sure to avoid attacks. Let's ride elephants!
  • We need to take back something... the Italian peninsula! There will be snow storms and landslides, but we will persevere!
  • Location: Carthage
  • The second Punic war: 218-201 BCE
  • I will have to return to Carthage to defend our land from the filthy Romans!
  • Riding on elephants was such a good idea, I think that the invasion went pretty well. The Romans were so surprised when we marched from Spain across the Alps into Italy!
  • Hannibal is such a great general. The attacks from local tribes weren't ideal though...
  • Location: Italian Peninsula
  • The second Punic war: battle ending the second war
  • Hannibal
  • Scipio
  • Carthage ended up having to give Spain and money to Rome.but...50 years of peace occurred
  • We have defeated Hannibal and Carthage, yet again!
  • Location: Carthage; 202 BCE
  • Unfortunately we had to set Carthage on fire and sell the Carthaginians into slavery, but WE ARE finally VICTORIOUS!!
  • The last Punic war:149-146 BCERomans attacked Carthage...
  • Hooray! We have expanded our empire to include Macedonia, Greece, N. Africa, and much of Spain.