Comic strip
Updated: 11/30/2020
Comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • Beginning of the fossilization process
  • Ahhh......I shouldn't need that much oxygen.
  • 2. Death
  • Oh boy..........I................can't..................breath.
  • 3. Decompose
  • This is Marcosa, he decided to go to in a deep-sea dive but as his oxygen runs low he regrets it
  • 4. Fossil hardens
  • His oxygen ends up running out and he drowns a slow death. When he hits the sea floor over years he gets decomposed.
  • 5. Fossil gets washed up
  • After a few years, his body completely decomposes and becomes a skeleton.
  • 6. Fossil Discovery
  • Wow we have made an amazing discovery
  • I know we have to put this in the museum.
  • As the sediment around him hardens so does his skeleton and his skeleton turns into a rock.
  • Now that his skeleton is hard I get pushed around and eventually deposited on the soil.
  • 20 years later a group of scientists discovered his body and reported it. then they put it into a museum and his skeleton was forever on display.