water cycle
Updated: 3/30/2020
water cycle

Storyboard Text

  • He was in the clouds and he started to condense he was a water vapor in the air and was changing from a gas to a liquid due to cold and he landed in the soil.
  • He was just sitting there in the soil when he started to move he was being sucked up by the roots of a plant he was being absorbed by the plant.
  • He was just sitting in a plant when a deer went up to the plant and ate it he was now inside a deer.
  • He was just sitting in the animal and then the animal bent down and started excrete the animal started to export waste products and he was part of it and he fell down to the ground and was part of the soil again
  • He was in the soil again when the soil he was in started to saturate the water came through soil that he was in flowed into a river.
  • When he was in the water in the river he started to change again the water that he was in flowed into the lake when he got in the lake he realized that he should be fine with where he is and he was part of the lake after that forever