Isaac Newton Story Board
Updated: 2/2/2021
Isaac Newton Story Board

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  • My name is Isaac Newton. My mother tried to pull me out of school. However, I was so bad at farm work that she let me finish my education.
  • My uncle insisted that I go to college. I learned a lot there. I eventually began to discover and invent things that changed the world
  • I discovered things in optics, motion and mathematics.
  • Isaac Newton was born in 1643. His mother pulled him out of school so that he could help on their farm. However, he found farm work so incredibly boring that his mother put him right back to finish his education.
  • He learned standard curriculum his first three college years. After he graduated, his first major achievement was the invention of the telescope in 1668. He had become a teacher at the college he had attended, so he had to give lectures on something. He chose optics and used his invention of the telescope to further prove his theories.
  • He went on to discover many things, such as the concept of gravity, that have forever changed how we see the world. He wrote a book that has been noted as the most important book about physics and possibly all sciences. His laws of physics have forever changed our understanding of the world.