Storyboardthat: E.L 2
Updated: 11/6/2018
Storyboardthat: E.L 2
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Beware what is known as the exposition dump.

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  • He walked home content with his day.
  • This narrator is getting annoying.
  • As he walked home he say the the city's buildings.
  • His day went by without incident and he fell asleep happily; however this story could have been very different due to the 2nd amendment still being in use. The 2nd amendment is an extremely aged law that doesn't have any place in modern society; it not only cannot fulfil its original purpose, that being to keep a well regulated militia, but it is causing mass shootings and is used in tangent with a staggering amount of suicides. Likely the only reasons that the law is still in place is because the citizens are stubborn and politicians need to pander towards them and many that are anti gun-laws are anti gun-law because they are just wanting to oppose the other party, because that's how politics work.
  • The boy was quite hungry when he arrived.
  • He got something to eat, before going to see his mother.
  • The two talked about their day for a while, before the sky darkened.
  • That's a lot of text.
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