Unknown Story
Updated: 3/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Protection of the Military
  • Central High
  • Going Home
  • It was the morning of Wednesday, September 25th, 8:00 AM. Melba saw fifty uniformed soldiers of the 101st with their rifles at their sides and their well shined boots. Their guns glistening and the creases were sharp in the pant leg of their uniforms. Reporters hung from trees, stood on cars, perched on fences trying to get the best shot of what was happening. Mother Lois's eyes were filled with tears, the adults said prayers for their kids, and Melba left with the others to enter Central High not getting a chance to say goodbye.
  • Melba was escorted into the school were she met Danny, her body gaurd and the Principle Jess Mathews. Every class she took there were nasty remarks and her teachers didn't do anthing about it, except for Mrs. Pickwick. During her passing period Mrs. Huckaby took Melba to the cafteria to use the restroom. Melba met a group of white girls who greeted her and made conversation. Once in the bathroom she noticed written on the mirror with lipstick was, "n go home". She quickly ran out feeling scared.
  • Melba's day was finally over, and a group of soldiers escorted her out of Central High. There was a helicopter outside to let everyone know the African Americans were leaving. When she had finally entered the car she noticed Sarge was driving and let out a sigh of relief. Once she arrived at her house a crowd of reporters came up to her asking questions. Melba felt annoyed, but pretended not to be.