asking and offering for help

Updated: 9/3/2021
asking and offering for help

Storyboard Text

  • Today, SMP Harapan 1 was re-opened for face-to-face learning after a year of the pandemic being present in Indonesia. Mirna and her friends are in the second grade of junior high school now.
  • Hi Garry!
  • Hi Karen!
  • Hi Mirna!
  • Hi guys! Long time no see.
  • Then the bell rings, Mirna and her friends immediately entered the class. Today Mrs. Putri will explain the material about asking and offering help.
  • Hello students! Finally I can see your beauty and handsome face now.
  • Before I explain the material, I will ask you first. Do you know how to asking or offering help?
  • In first meeting, Mrs. Putri will tell you about asking and offering help.
  • No, Miss..
  • Mrs. Putri explaining what is asking and offering help to the students. She gives the example of asking and offering help.
  • Asking and offering help is one of the expression in English which states that we ask and provide assistance to someone.
  • And when you want to offering help, you can use; shall, may, can, would, what can, how can, etc.
  • The example of offering help is, "May I help you?", "Shall I bring you ...?", "What can I do for you?", etc.
  • When you want to asking help, you can use; could, can, and would. For the example is "Can you help me" or "Could you please give me a hand?", etc.
  • Mrs. Putri explains how to give respond when someone asking and offering us help.
  • Could you lend me some money?
  • But when someone asking and offering help, there are 2 responses. Accepting and declining.
  • Would you like to help me?
  • And when you declining for help and their offers, you can use; sorry I can't, sorry I'm bussy, no,thanks, etc.
  • When you accepting for help and their offers, you can use: okay, yes, thank you, yes please, sure, no problem, etc.
  • And now I want you to make examples of asking and offering help. You can ask your friend too.
  • OH NOO!
  • Now Mrs. Putri will ask the students to make examples asking and offering help.
  • Well I think that's enough for today. I hope you can learn something new with this material.
  • And don't forget to do your homework, guys! See you again, bye bye!
  • Yes Miss...!
  • The class has ended and the students have returned to their homes
  • Sure!