Ancient China
Updated: 3/12/2021
Ancient China

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  • The Zhou Dynasty's Beginning
  • Oh My Gosh!!
  • The Mandate of Heaven
  • The Qin Takes Control
  • The Zhou Dynasty takes over the Shang Dynasty and rules for the longest time in China. The Zhou ruled for 800 years from 1046-256 BCE. It was divided into two distinct periods, the Western and the Eastern Zhou. Confucius was considered their ruler.
  • Most Known About The Qin Dynasty
  • Yes Sir!!
  • The Zhou Dynasty had a strong religion over the Mandate of Heaven. The Mandate of Heaven was an idea held in China since the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty.
  • War Between the Qin and Han Dynasty
  • Get Them!!
  • The Qin Dynasty took control. Their ruler was Qin Shi Huang Di. They took over the other states slowly. Qin Shi Huang Di believed in legalism.
  • Life After the War
  • Legalism was a school of philosophers that became popular in China during the time of the Warring States period. The Qin Dynasty was most known for their strong military.
  • We will fight and never give up!
  • Liu Bang led the war against the Qin Dynasty. In 206 BCE Liu Bang founded the Han Dynasty. Liu Bang named himself as the first Han emperor.
  • Liu Bang wanted the Wudi soldiers to improve the Great Wall of China. Fathers were the people in charge in a household. Sometimes, fathers would divorse the wife if she didn't have a son. Women raised the kids, cooked, and cleaned.
  • We must continue to build the Great Wall of China!!