dragon dragon
Updated: 5/12/2020
dragon dragon
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2 parte

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  • The eldest son came at last to the dragon's lair. He knocked on the door and called out, a voice answer him. The eldest son make a excuse to make the dragon go out of the cave, but the dragon didnt fall and suddenly a great shadow fell over him. It was the dragon. The eldest drew his sword, but the the dragon lunged and swallowed him in a single gulp. The eldest son in the dark of the dragons belly, regreat himself for not listen to his father.
  • His father told him exactly what he'd told the eldest. The middle son didnt hear his father, exactly like the eldest. He thinks that he have to take the dragon by surprise.
  • Have you advice to give me?
  • The middle son was the next one. He was very strong, so he thinks that he perfectly can slay the dragon by simply laying into him. But he thought that it would be polite to ask his father's advice.
  • The middle son spurred his horse to a gallop. But the dragon, how see him a long time ago, was waiting for him. The middle son went under the dragon that was hidden, and the dragon chuckled and got down off the door, taking his time. The dragon swallowed the middle son in a single and left the horse in the freezer. The middle son in the dragon's belly, thinks that he was a fool for not listen to his father.
  • The youngest son saw that he was the next one, after saw that his brother's cant with the dragon. He was very nervous so he goes to his father for a last conversation after preparing himself. He ask the same as his brother's.
  • He wished he had never been born.
  • The cobbler tell him the same he told his other son's, but this time, his youngest son hear him. After hear his father's advice, the youngest son decide to go to the dragon's cave.
  • The dragon, how saw the youngest son a long time ago, was waiting for him inside the cave. The dragon wait, but he see that no one enter the cave, so he craned his neck and looked. The youngest son, that was outside the cave was there. When he saw the dragon, scared he say his father's poem. He wasn't expecting the dragon's reaction...
  • Dragon,dragon how do you do? I´ve come from the king to murder you
  • The youngest son, annoying because of the dragon´s laugh, saw he´s oportunity. The dragon was distracted, so he flopping the sword end over in the direction of the dragon...
  • He he he ho ha!You? You? Murder me??
  • In the treasures was the old book of the wizard, so when they arrived the king´s castle the people leapted for joy to see that the dragon was dead. They give the book to the wizard so he could do the spell for the queen and the princess kiss the head of the youngest son. Everyone was happy...
  • The youngest cobbler´s son, kill the dragon,save the kingdom and his brother´s. With his brother´s, they gathered all the dragon´s treasures from the cave. The youngest son was glad because he listen to his father.
  • The End...
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