The Heal Of Earth
Updated: 6/17/2020
The Heal Of Earth
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  • I hope we all get better soon !!!!!!
  • ,The stars and planets are looking at the earth dying and getting polluted, they feel sad and angry at the people that have made it like this, for example, smoking, littering, and too many factories. We think the world is about to end
  • now even the atmosphere is ending, I really hope this will all get better, otherwise, we will all die and the world will be done, ended, if people don't change right now, we are done for!
  • less turtles are dying
  • I knew it, we are dying, the earth and the planets are going to be killed by the end of the year. Let's stay strong and try out best to stay alive. I really hope people change soon because we are getting way worse!!
  • It's getting better! still pretty bad but we are doing okay, maybe a couple more months and we should be back to normal, just like the olden days, we should be okay by the end of the month, we hope!
  • YAY!!!! we are better! we cant wait for the future! fewer people will die, some as us the planets and earth and all the beaches, people have stopped littering and smoking, we are getting so so much better !!!
  • Everything is back to normal !! we are happy and people are getting better at this whole LIFE thing... the moral of the story is: Don't litter and keep the universe healthy and clean!
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