Choco-nadian Chunks
Updated: 1/31/2021
Choco-nadian Chunks

Storyboard Text

  • Assalamualakum! Its time to wake up my darling!
  • Walakum Asalaam Mama!I have to share my awsome dream with you!
  • Oh Darling! Tell me all about it!
  • In my dream, l saw that i was outside and i was thinking about somthing cool! i was thinking that i was making a cerael for canadians but i dont know what to name it .
  • ohh! well um we will think about it later. But come down you have to have your breakfast.
  • so want to eat it and invite people to eat with us
  • remamber! Sweetie get ready and change your clothing love you!!
  • ya ok! Love you
  • wow ! Thank you it is like the one in my dream !! Can we name it choco nadian chunks?
  • your welcome Aisha! Sure that sounds amazing come here
  • Awww!
  • Aw i love it thankyou ! And that would be perfect !!!!!