the creation of the thunderstorms and lightning

Updated: 10/5/2021
the creation of the thunderstorms and lightning

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Rising action-introduces conflict
  • Rising action-Conflict develops
  • a long long time ago it was like any other day. Sunny day not any clouds out so it made the day even harder because of the heat.but other than that it was a usual day on the the farm but my mom wanted me to much.
  • Rising action-conflict continues to develop
  • earlier that day my mom told me,"go fetch me some water from the well," I yelled back "no how bout you go and get it you self " all of a sudden a tree said to me "you should respect you elders" but i did not listen.
  • Climax-turning point
  • The next day we went to the village to go get groceries for the house. we also had to get cloths so my mom can make us new cloths because our old cloths are all ripped up and destroyed we also went to buy sheep and two cattle we have been saving up for and we can finally get them.
  • Resolution-The end