The Fire Bird

Updated: 10/4/2021
The Fire Bird

Storyboard Text

  • Melanie was heart broken when she found out that the flamingos were gone.
  • "Hello Grandmother"
  • The next day she decided to get answers on what really happened because she wasn't sure if the zoo keeper was telling the truth, she traveled to her grandmothers house, that's where she knew she would get answers
  • "Hello Melaine"
  • "Well, a lot of people started to contaminate things because they weren't careful"
  • "What really happened to wild life grandma
  • When melanie got home she was sad but she had a plan, she thought of her plan as fast as a cheetah can run.
  • "Im in, what do we do"
  • "Hey Lilly, I have plan on how we can help this planet."
  • Melanie and lilly set up a recycling, clean up, and protesting groups.
  • "Ya some of the world is so much better"
  • "Im so glad that we got some of the world back to how it was without all of the pollution. "