Never Getting Out

Updated: 10/12/2021
Never Getting Out

Storyboard Text

  • I'm exited what about you Anna!
  • I don't know guys its seem kind of... suspicious?
  • C'mon there's nothing to be scared of!
  • Mam would you know where the tournament is ?
  • Thank you mam!
  • It is in the room right behind young man
  • You guys are team 1 you are to complete the game and if you win you get 5 million dollars there you are versing each other in each level you may choose 1 power for each level! Let the game begin
  • Voice: You must fight for round 1. Whoever wins get 1 point!
  • ZAP
  • Team 1 wins round 1! You must make it to the finish line and you may use your powers if you wish. Let The Game Begin!
  • Anna how did you run so fast on the last game!
  • I chose super speed as my power
  • Congratulations you have won 5 million dollars!!