Unknown Story

Updated: 10/2/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • What a beautiful butterfly! I wonder where butterflies come from?
  • Let's investigate the yard and see where it goes, maybe there is a clue!
  • A tiny little caterpillar! I think we figured it out! I remember a story about this, do you want to hear it? Great!
  • It all starts when a butterfly lays its eggs, this butterfly is a Monarch and it uses milkweed plants to lay its eggs.
  • When the eggs hatch, the new caterpillar, or larva, emerge and begin crunching away on the milkweed and store away the food for later. They will need a lot of energy!
  • When the caterpillar is ready and has stored enough food, it finds a safe place and makes a protective cover called a pupa. This is when the magic happens!
  • Inside the pupa this little caterpillar is using all that food it ate as fuel to transform itself. Finally, it is ready to emerge!
  • Goodbye butterfly! I cannot wait to meet your family!