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end of the world part 1
Updated: 9/18/2020
end of the world part 1
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Storyboard Description

The world as we know it is dying as all the volcanos in the world have erupted and our hero Sergio is struggling to survive under these circumstances

Storyboard Text

  • yeah you might be wondering how this all started let ok let me get you caught up. it all started a long time ago 2 weeks to be exact
  • Ashes the end is near
  • hmm sandwiches
  • When all of a sudden people were living their lives, and we all heard a rumble, then out of nowhere all of the volcanoes started erupting, people ran to safety but most didn't make it actually to be exact 7,999,995,400 people didn't make it. yep that's right only 4600 people are alive and every day people are dying yesterday there were 6,789 now 4,600
  • hey james what did you bring well i brought some meat 2 kilos and i found one more jug of 5 liter water luckily and i bought you a book and i got the new air inhalers 99 percent good air pretty good huh. wow cool
  • Sadly my family died in the incident apart from my 17-year-old brother James and me and him are doing our best to survive right now he went out to shop, and he should be back any minute. The only problem that we are having right now is that the supermarkets are slowly emptying, and we soon won't have any more food, and that will be a problem.
  • oh and our budget is getting refilled because the car that dad used to have i sold for someone who desperatley needed it, and he gave me 80,000 dollars, we can litterally buy 2 of those brand you really overdid it this time, nice so inhale one inhaler because you have been outside of the air bubble. ok.
  • and thats pretty much all you need to know and lets hope for the best. so i think its about i introduce myself im sergio and this is my doggo max,this is my place kind of old but me and james painted it recently and it looks good.
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