The story of Diwali

Updated: 6/29/2020
The story of Diwali

Storyboard Text

  • Rama and Sita get married!
  • No, my son will be king! I want Rama and Sita to go into the forest for 14 years.
  • Ha! But you said I could have anything I wanted. 
  • Yes, I remember. Alright. You win.
  • No! I won't allow it. 
  • Rama will become king after my rule!
  • Goodbye!
  • And so Rama and Sita were sent away to the forest. Rama's brother Lakshman went too.
  • Many years later...
  • Rama! Lakshman! Please go catch that golden deer for me! It's so beautiful...
  • Of course I will, Sita!
  • It's been a long time since Rama left. I'll go look for him.
  • Hello. I am so tired - please give me somewhere to rest and get me some food and drink.
  • Yes of course I will. just sit down here and I'll get you all that you need.
  • Oh you are so kind.